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Introducing a Video and Photography Team

In 2023 we partnered up with Claire from Kiss the Bride Photography to create THE dream team, offering you both video and photography packages.


Claire is an amazingly creative photographer and we work so well together, that a partnership just had to happen.


We know it can be hard for couples to not only find a photographer and videographer but also ones that work comfortably alongside each other creating a relaxed, stress free environment. We want to give you that peace of mind with our joint packages making it simple for you and giving you the comfort that you have an amazing team with you on your wedding day.

Kiss the Bride Photography.jpg
Kiss the Bride Photography.jpg

About Claire 

My Name is Claire..

I am a mum of 3 and have been obsessively photographing the world and everything in it for over 20 years now. I love running in the hills, getting lost in nature, eating cake and sometimes all three at the same time.

I love to be able to make a connection with the people I photograph, learning their stories, finding out what makes them tick and creating a relaxed environment throughout our time

Goes above and beyond.....

On more than one occasion I've been described as being like having an extra bridesmaid on hand for the day... I just so happen to also be awesome with a camera!

from helping to do up dresses, fixing ill behaved veils, removing wasps from bridal prep rooms, entertaining kids, providing tissues for those emotional moments, attaching button holes and taking off stickers from soles of shoes..... I am there for



Every couple has a story, and that story often defines your most beloved shared interests. It might be movies, games, sports or even a weird inside joke that l'd never understand... I'll try though!

Bring me your most creative ideas for your wedding day or engagement shoot, and we will make it happen together, whether it be a themed appreciation of your common hobby, or a gorgeous location that you've always dreamed about, or a normal situation made spectacular with a bit of magic.



Love is unconditional and as different and diverse from one couple to the next as my ill matched socks are in my sock drawer. Our differences are what make us beautiful and I want you to feel comfortable expressing yours to


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