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Melissa and Josh

Knowsley Hall. 3oth April 2023

We are always excited to work on new projects, and recently had the privilege of filming Mel and Josh’s wedding at Knowsley Hall. It was a beautiful day filled with love, laughter, and happy tears - a perfect example of what we strive to capture in our films.

Social Highlight reel

Frames from the film

After a 6 year break from filming weddings this was just the perfect one to come back to, Mel and Josh were amazing to work with. Everyone had so much fun on the day which made the edit really simple as we had so much amazing content to use. 

Extended Highlights 

Full Ceremony

Full Speeches

Mel and Josh 

Rick was great from the start, super responsive and really listened to what myself and my husband wanted out of our wedding films. He was brilliant on the day, ensuring he captured the best footage without imposing on the day, and the films he provided to us are outstanding! They really capture the wonderful day we had, and I haven’t stopped watching them since they were sent though, with Rick even working to provide the highlight video less than a week after the wedding. Highly recommended!
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