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I love filming weddings. I have been in the industry for about 15 years and must have shot over 300 of them, around UK and Europe. I do limit how many I do per year as I feel each one should be special and have a premium quality to it, which I apply to all my work. When Im not filming weddings I co own a commercial production company in Manchester, so I’m generally always behind a camera. Each wedding I film is tailored to each couple, I like to be discreet on the day and blend into the background, you won’t know I’m there but I will be capturing moments you are likely to miss. When it comes to the edit you will have the highlight reel within 5 days of the wedding. Why wait months, we want you to enjoy it when you are still in the moment. I am based in Lancashire but weddings takes us all over the UK

01-Kinder Scout_Team Hike_S&C-230214.jpg
01-Kinder Scout_Team Hike_S&C-230214.jpg

About Me 

My Name is Rick. I live in Lancashire between Preston and Southport I love the outdoors, travelling and mostly spending time with the Family. Favourite film is Casino, TV Show is Sopranos, when Im not working (hardly ever)  I try and get in the hills on the bike or out for a drive in the old Land Rover defender which I love and I also hire out for weddings coincidently  

James and Heather

"Captured some amazing memories"
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